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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Hall of Shame - 2023

Here at ORC we are nearing the end of our eleventh year of service, so we offer some more Hall Of Shame entries that are real doozies. Here we go! 

Roof Inspection - NW Portland, OR )Dec 12, 2023)

This roof needs to be done again.           

Bad vent installation - N. Portland, OR (Dec 12, 2023)

This is how you don't do it.        

The Holy Grail I finally found it - Sellwood, OR  (Dec 11, 2023)

This is probably the worst I have ever seen.     

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
LW Roof Summary & 5 Attachments including Invoice.pdf     

New Metal Roof Inspection - Beaverton, OR  (Dec 01, 2023)

Multiple errors. Five breaches of contract. This roof needs to be done again.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
JD Roof Summary and 2 Attachments.pdf

New Roof Inspection - Yamhill, OR (Nov 28, 2023)

This home right in the heart of wine country. There are about 360 wineries and vineyards out here.        

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
KW Roof Summary and 5 Attachments.pdf 

New Roof Inspection - Banks, OR (Nov 25, 2023)

 This one is so bad it will need to be done again.    

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
KP Roof Summary and 6 Attachments (1).pdf   

New TPO Inspection - Vancouver, WA (Nov 21, 2023)

This new roof is mostly within standards but some rework is necessary. The main issue was severe water entry and resulting widespread damage due to carelessness during the install.        

Deadbeats (Nov 15, 2023)

Occasionally someone thinks I work for free. They want the inspection and summary ASAP but then decide not to pay for it. Not running a charity here. Those files have been sent to a collection agency that I contract with

New Metal Roof Inspection - SW Portland, OR (Oct 27, 2023)

Nothing correct here! This roof needs to be done again. One of the worst roofs of any kind I have ever seen. 

New Roof Inspection - Happy Valley, OR (Oct 20, 2023)

This mess is bad. Really bad. Torch applied membrane not close to being correct. Only the seams were welded not the entire roll. Bleedout mostly not there. Perimeter flashings not 'sandwiched' between plies. Perimeter flashing not primed. 

New Roof Inspection - Sandy, OR (Sep 28, 2023)

This roof needs to be done over. It's a low slope ( 2-1/2/12 ) in a snow zone. On slopes between 2/12 and 4/12 underlayment MUST be either an ice & Water Shield or 2 layers of something. This a code requirement and required by all shingle manufacturers. This was brought to the 'professional roofers' - and I use that term very loosely attention. Of course he knows better and would not listen.This wasn't done. Shingles do not lap past edge metal as required. The roofer refuses to take responsibility for his actions. It is everyone elses fault but his. Especially my fault. At an onsite meeting the roofer kept calling me names, just a real Ahole. No integrity. No conscience. No character. Just another ripoff inept hack of which there is no shortage. A CCB complaint has been filed. If that doesn't work out ( the CCB can't tell anyone what to do they try to mediate and are successful about 50% of the time ) then it'll be time to go to big boy court.

New Roof Inspection - Milwaukie, OR �(Sep 23, 2023)

This one close to home. Lawyer involved. Another ripoff job done by the worst of the worst of the worst. This company was shut down years ago by the Washington Attorney General. So they transferred everything to the spouse's name and opened up under a new name. They are now in several states. They charge high prices, sub everything out, have many dozens of CCB complaints, and have retained an east coast law firm that specializes in saying NO.

Roof Inspection - Vancouver. WA  (Aug 18, 2023)

This home being sold and there were concerns regarding the roof.  This is the classic 'production cut all corners' install.  No edge flashing anywhere, plastic vents, entry level 'no-caulk' pipe jacks that will fail long before the shingles do (but they are cheap). Bad nailing which shows the installers were in a hurry (probably paid piecework). The main thing is El Cheapo, poor quality shingles. The sealant is very weak and these shingles separated with ease. Plus, the 'sawtooth' part of the shingle separates from the blank easily, which is why they had about 45 shingles blow off in a recent wind event.          

New Roof Inspection - Bend, OR (Jul 31, 2023)

See the attached report that sums up the inspection. On top of all this, the roofer's license had expired and they had no business coming on this property and installing this roof. By taking that risk you would think it would have been wise to do it right. These guys are as dumb as Hunter Biden.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
AZ Roof Summary with 4 Attachments.pdf


After multiple attempts to contact the roofer, the homeowner finally succeeded. Roofer's reply: "Umm, well, let's see here, ummm, duhhh, when do we start drinking beer? "

New metal roof inspection - SE Portland, OR (Jul 29, 2023)

We needed a drone for this one. See the 'Drone Dropbox' and summary report.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
LC Roof Summary-2 attachments-invoice.pdf

PORTLANDRONE Videos and Photos- Roof Inspection

Update : Roofer gave a full refund as well as my fee and the drone fee. It is very rare to see a roofer willing to take responsibility for their actions. Almost never see it. It's always someone elses fault.

TPO Two-Fer - OR (Jul 21, 2023)

Both roofs had issues. The first one looks like my pet Bunny Rabbit and Joe Biden did it. The second one much better but there were still two legitimate negative issues.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

New TPO Roof Inspection - Salem, OR  (July 20, 2023)

Probably the worst TPO roof I have seen.     

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

New Roof Inspection - Bend, OR  (Jul 18, 2023)

We traveled to central Oregon to have a look at the new roof on four buildings.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

Update :

The roofer is fighting this. Has no chance but still he is fighting this. Arbitration hearing in September. Will be like shooting frogs in a bathtub with a 12 ga shotgun. The roofers' lawyer is aquiring all kinds of discovery etc which he is perfectly allowed to do but all he is doing is churning up more fees. Amazing.

New Roof Inspection - SE Portland (Jun 17, 2023)

The owner had concerns which turned out to be valid, so we had a look. Nails for ridge shingles over ridge vent are too short and don't even reach the plywood. Ridge vent opening incorrect, some bays have an opening on one side some bays have no opening. Contract says hot dipped galvanized nails but nails are electro galvanized. Contract says install soffit screens but none were installed. It's always a good idea to abide by the contract that YOU write.         

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
MF Roof Summary & 3 Attachments incl Invoice.pdf    

Roof Inspection - St. Helens, OR  (Jun 14, 2023)

St Helens is about halfway to Astoria on Highway 30. The owner has an uncooperative roofer and was getting mixed signals from two of my competitors, so we had a look. Ridge vent openings are inconsistent and in many of the 'bays', no opening at all. Nails for ridge shingles on ridge vent are way too short at 1-1/2"  and do not even reach the deck. All vents and pipe flashings must be double sealed: none of these are sealed at all. Chimney flashing is three different colors. Not a performance issue but it looks odd. Typically, for continuity, all flashings are the same color. Call it an industry standard. The problem with doing any rework on this 12/12 pitch roof is that toe boards will be needed. Problem is the shingles cannot be separated in order to nail on the toe boards properly (without piercing shingles), which is why it is always best to do it right the first time.

Two of my competetors - there are very few that do what we do - looked at this roof. One sent a bill for $2,600 and he didn't find half the things I found (my bill was $455), and the other guy brought a 'friend' and wanted to do repairs. Homeowner declined and according to the homeowner this guy started yelling insults and profanities at her. Not professional behavior in this writers' opinion.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 
TC Roof Summary and 4 Attachments incl Invoice.pdf   

Roof Inspection - Troutdale, OR (May 27, 2023)

The owners had worries about this five-year-old roof. Contract says high wind nailing which means 6 nails per full shingle instead of the standard 4 nails per full shingle. Vents and pipe flashings must be double sealed per manufacturer. They aren't. Flange bottom edges loose not nailed.  At some areas too short of nails and or staples were used. Staples were disallowed by codes in 2003.

New Roof Inspection - Vancouver, WA (May 26, 2023)

The owner had what turned out to be valid concerns so we had a look.  This 'shed' is a miniature version of the house. Underlayment on the low slope area is incorrect and shingle nails are too short.

New Roof Inspection - Cottage Grove, OR  (May 23, 2023)

Our first visit to Cottage Grove, a 2-1/2 hour drive from home. A historic town with a lot of old covered bridges in town or nearby. This roof needs to be redone. Very bad nailing. The side entry roof has a 1" 'dropoff', the roof should be a continuous even plane. Staples were used on this small area and the entire garage. Staples were disallowed in 2003 by all codes. Even if staples were still allowed these at 5/8" are too short to meet minimum deck penetration requirements.

Two-Fer - Milwaukie and SE Portland, OR (Apr 29, 2023)

First job in Milwaukie, second job in outer SE Portland.          

New Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR  (Apr 19, 2023)

This one is a doozie. Almost everything is wrong.       

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

New Roof Inspection - NE Portland, OR (Mar 14, 2023)

The owner had what turned out to be valid concerns.     

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

New Roof Inspection - Milwaukie, OR (Feb 18, 2023)

Where to begin on this one?  Aww heck, just read the report.   

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report:

New Roof Inspection - Battleground, WA  (Feb 11, 2023)

This roof is a mess and will need to be done again. The roofer didn't give a detailed signed contract, which is a legal requirement. By doing this the roofer forfeited his ability to claim a lien. It continues to amaze me how much incompetence is out there. Almost as much as the Biden administration and that is saying something. Some of these guys work for a roofing company; then one day they say "Gee, I can do this". Sorry Skippy, no you can't. To be a real good roofer you must know roofing, carpentry, and sheet metal work; and be familiar with siding, painting, and masonry. It also helps to be punctual, to be good at math, and be good at time management. It ain't easy.  

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 

Metal Roof Inspection - Hubbard, OR (Feb 01, 2023)

Never-ending leak issues prompted a tenant to call us, so we drove out to Hubbard. These buildings about five years old and many with leak issues. Read the report.

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report: 


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