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Don't let cowboy roofers ride YOUR roof!

Don't let cowboy roofers ride YOUR roof!

Roofing Hall of Shame

Welcome to our Hall Of Shame. We are proud of this page and get a lot of compliments about this section of our huge and ever growing site. We also get a lot of feedback - mostly positive: however, roofers who get caught doing shoddy work, their enablers, supporters and lawyers don't find it particularly amusing. Apparently, lawyers get paid to parrot their skeezy clients without doing actual research. The translation of the word 'litigation' is "The transfer of wealth to lawyers via the plaintiff and the defendant". In architectural General Conditions, each trade reviews prior work and deems it acceptable before stating their own. If the roofer sees that roof geometry doesn't drain properly and shingles it anyway, it sort of becomes his problem, no? ORC has participated is several arbitration hearings and we have noticed a pattern regarding these hearings. Lawyers from the other side don't bother attacking our knowledge, track record, success, experience and integrity - they can't - instead, they take the cheap-shot low rent avenue. They say: "Mr Sardotz, do you mock roofers on your website? Do you call them cowboys? Do you have a section on your website called Hall Of Shame ???!!!" Yes I do, so what??!! One detail-deficient lawyer called it a "Wall Of Shame" but all others got it right (pardon me, I digress...). Besides, any 'roofer' that puts out work that looks like it was done by a ten-year-old deserves to be mocked. Actually, they are mocking themselves. I'm just having a little fun. These lawyers have nothing else so they desperately attempt to make me look like a cruel, mean, rotten, vindictive SOB. I'm not vindictive at all. Far from it. I am merely exposing the egregious malfeasance of larcenous and duplicitous confidence men and bandits taking advantage of homeowners with targets on their backs. (Speaking of thieves, at least the lawyers are only making $300 - $400 an hour to call me names.) Our Hall of Shame shows examples of what happens when cowboy roofers* ride YOUR roof. Joe can help you steer clear of cowboy roofers and the headaches, stress, damage to property, and unnecessary expense that they cause.

*The term "cowboy" is not limited to roofers. It can be used to describe any reckless "professionals"...including lawyers...whom you should avoid hiring because they put their interests above yours and are marginally skilled at best. Roofing is kind of like the Wild West in these parts. There are some really good roofers around here, but after that - look out! Cowboy roofers give a negative image to the roofing trade and they give a bad name to the large number of quality-oriented contractors out there.

Here at Oregon Roof Consulting, we see such a high volume of cowboy roofing we felt compelled to add a Cowboy Roofer Theme Song to honor all the incompetent and unqualified roofers out yonder. And boy, is there no shortage! There were many qualified theme song candidates, including Conway Twitty, Buck Owens, Tex Ritter, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry, but we settled on that 1950's superstar, Cowboy Copas -'The Oklahoma Cowboy'. (Tragically, Cowboy Copas perished in the same plane crash that claimed Patsy Cline.) So, without further delay, here's Cowboy Copas performing one of his top hits, 'Alabam'!

Poorly flashed wall exhibit

It's just astonishing how much poor, shoddy, careless workmanship as well as rude, unprofessional and condescending customer service that we continue to see on a regular basis that we felt our friend Ol' Cowboy Copas needed a little help - so we've added a second Cowboy Roofer Theme Song! This one is by Dick Thomas and was recorded in 1942. **I swear that I've seen the guy with the rope at one of the roofing suppliers! Here we go, so please enjoy ' Jingle Jangle'. 

Example of poor shingling

** Some folks may think, " Why does he put this silly stuff on an otherwise serious construction themed website? Is he unstable? "Heck, I'm not unstable - I don't even (own) any horses!

Select from the Roofing Hall of Shame Index below to take a look at how Oregon Roof Consulting helps property owners win the battle against cowboy roofers. 

What Roofers Say When Their Workmanship Has Issues
When roofers are informed that their workmanship has issues, they have reacted in a variety of ways ? from polite and agreeable, to profane and confrontational, to everything in between.

For Cryin' Out Loud!

When roofers are informed that their workmanship has issues, they have reacted in a variety of ways — from polite and agreeable, to profane and confrontational, to everything in between. One guy said all I do is just write what people want me to write which couldn't be further from the truth. In realty he's just another hack who we caught doing sub standard work and had a hard time taking responsibility for his actions, which we see a lot. Contractors promote and advertise themselves as professionals. For many this is easier said than done.

It is the contractor's obligation, responsibility, and requirement  to install roof coverings to product manufacturers' and/or the Oregon Residential Specialty Code specifications. Just because a permit usually is not required doesn't give contractors the right to cut corners and perform shoddy workmanship. Do it right. Gee! What a concept!

Contractors are not used to scrutiny and they don't like it. They are too used to a blank check and a permanent get out of jail free card. It's amazing how willing roofers and their enablers are to justify, condone, and be satisfied with poor installation. Here are a few comments that I've heard from roofers, along with my translation:

  • "I've been in business xxxx years and have never had a complaint." Translation: I've never been caught.
  • "You can't put every nail in properly." Translation: We are in too much of a hurry.
  • "You're picking my roof apart." Translation: Quality is never our highest priority.
  • "It's not possible to do a perfect job." Translation: Our installers were never properly trained. I pay piecework. I'm in a hurry.
  • "You forensic guys are all the same. You're just here for a paycheck." Translation: I won't be sending you a christmas card.
  • "Once the shingles are sealed by the sun it'll be OK." Translation: I sure hope we don't get a windstorm.

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