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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2017
Metal Roof Inspection - Sunriver, OR (Nov 11, 2017)

ORC was assigned this metal roof inspection by The Hartford Insurance Company, which is a regular client. This is our third trip to central Oregon in three weeks for them. Seventh trip there this year. The roof had a few minor issues such as a rake edge trim piece with 3 missing screws and the lower edge of 2 panels in back was slightly damaged by ice damming during the severe winter they had last year which of course was caused by global warming........I mean climate change.........I mean climate disruption or whatever they are calling it this week.

Roof Inspection - Coos Bay, OR (Oct 26 - 27, 2017)

ORC was asked by The Hartford insurance company to assess this roof in Coos Bay. Went down I-5 then west on The Umpqua River Highway. Highway 38 along the Umpqua River is one of the most beautiful byways in Oregon. Fall colors at their peak. Sunny and 77 in Coos Bay both days. Not bad for late October!

The senior citizen lady (who has a target on her back) owner had her door knocked on by a company that uses high pressure tactics. The 'salesmen' got on her roof and told her she needed a new roof. Her roof is only 14 years old! They said 4 shingles were missing. The owner told me she never saw shingle pieces in her yard that color. Hmmmmmmmmm. I can't prove it but I am all but certain these 'salesmen' pulled up those shingles. They were on a non windward side. They didn't look like shingles removed by the wind but rather by humans.

I told her and the insurance company her roof has at least a dozen years left. Saved her and Hartford a lot of money. Oh, the predatory roofer sold a roof to her next door neighbor. They didn't need a roof either!

Roof Inspection - NW Portland, OR  (Oct 23, 2017)

We were asked to assess this TPO roof and a 'green roof' on an unusual home in the West Hills. The TPO roof on the guest house was fine but the 'green roof' was beginning to fail. I advised getting rid of the green roof and putting a multi layer bulletproof built up system up there.

Central Oregon Road Trip (Oct 7, 2017)

ORC was hired by a large national insurance company to inspect roofs in Madras and Bend. The Madras job had some minor wind and hail damage. The entire back side will need replacing but the rest of the roof is fine.

The Bend roof had some moderate damage from careless snow removal. I also discovered this roof was mis applied / construction defect. Staples were used to fasten shingles. Staples were disallowed by the Oregon Residential Specialty Code on April 1st 2003. To attach the ridge over the ridge vent they used 1 3/4" long N-19 staples......which are used for installing cedar roofing (or) plywood. When installing composition roofing roofing nails must be used with a minimum 3/8" diameter head. These staples were applied on top of the shingles and are visible! Fasteners should not be visible here. Plus, these staples are too short and don't even reach the plywood! Cowboy roofin' at its best......or worst.

Commercial Flat Roof Inspection - Vancouver, WA   (Sep 25, 2017)

ORC was asked by a Commercial properties management company to assess

The job included three buildings with a total area of 82,000 square feet. Aside from some serious wrinkling these could possibly get by for anaother2-3-4 more years; however, the owners are leaning toward a new roof, so we gave them ideas about various roof types and supplied the names of roofers who specialize in large commercial work.

Roof Inspection - Amboy, WA (Sep. 14, 2017)

We were asked to inspect the TPO membrane, composition shingle, and green roof areas of this house in a gated community in the middle of nowhere. Privacy at its utmost. All is well on the roof save for some badly damaged shingles by a careless vendor.

Nice day, nice drive, nice house. I like jobs like this!

Roof Inspection - Defective Shingles -Tigard, OR (Aug. 31, 2017)

ORC was asked to inspect this eleven year old roof for a seventy-five year old man with a target on his back. He was set to sign a $10,000 contract for a new roof. He was told by roofers that he needed a new roof, which was partially correct. The upper sections still have at least 10-12 years left. These sections were included in all three bids. The shingles on the larger lower areas are deteriorating prematurely and shouldn't look like this after only eleven years. That's because these shingles are defective.

The man will contact the manufacturer and will get a new roof, most of which will be paid by the shingle manufacturer. Upon being told this the man said: "You've just saved me a lot of money! You're very good at this".
➲ ​See our testimonial from: Bill G: Testimonial - Tigard, OR  (Aug. 2017) for more details.

Roof Inspection - Corvallis, OR (Aug. 30, 2017)

One of ORC's regular clients is 'Reloology' which is a national company that facilitates professional employees relocation housing needs. They assist with inspections and preparations to sell their homes and assist with finding housing at their new destinations. We've done many inspections for Reloology and have developed a good relationship.

Roof Consultation - Dunthorpe (Aug. 26, 2017)

ORC was asked by these owners to advise on type of materials to use and write a spec list for this reroofing job to be done next year.

While the job is in progress ORC will make random unannounced visits. Might even hide behind some buses with binoculars!

Roof Inspection - Bend, OR (Aug. 25, 2017)

This home had water entry via ice damming the past two winters. Central Oregon got hit real hard last winter. Up to five feet of snow plus significant ice damming. We advised them what sections should be done and how. Also found that staples were used which were disallowed by code five years before this home was built.

Roof Inspection - Gladstone, OR (Aug. 16, 2017)

A realtor asked us for an independent assessment of this house that was soon to be listed. This roof is shot and needs replacing. Pipe jacks are falling apart as are the shingles. The 'B' gas vent pipe has a big crack. They even put shingles on a flat section!

A reasonable price to tearoff and install a new 30 year roof would be about $10,000.

Flat Roof Inspection - Kelso, WA (Aug. 15, 2017)

ORC was asked to assess the flat cap sheet roof on this soon to be sold building. The roof still has some years left however it needs a cleaning and some minor maintenance.

Roof Inspection - Wilsonville, OR (Aug. 2017)

ORC was hired to assess several structures on this beautiful 11 acre estate in Wilsonville. All roofs were in good condition with at least 15 years left, probably longer. This property will soon be listed for sale. Everything about this property is immaculate. Everything.

The owner is a master gardener and it shows. Not only was there a large flower and vegetable garden that were in pristine condition but every shrub and tree was perfectly pruned, trimmed and manicured. You don't often see estates like this. What a treat!

Roof Assessment - Gresham, OR (Jul. 31, 2017)

ORC was asked to assess these apartment roofs for a longtime property management company client. They thought it was about time for a new roof. I told them these roofs should last at least 10-12 years, probably longer. If a leak shows up, fix it. If you get a dent in your car door you fix the dent, don't get a new car. Same thing.

Roof Inspection - Cedar Glen HOA - SW Portland (Jul. 20, 2017)

ORC was asked to provide an assessment of these five buildings in the Multnomah area of SW Portland for a property management company that we have done several inspections for.

The roofs are worn at 27 years old but still have a few years left.

Tile Roof Inspection - Vancouver, WA (Jul. 19, 2017)

The person buying this home wanted an independent assessment of this concrete tile roof. I found two broken ridge tiles and a few valleys were becoming clogged with tree debris, which is common. Other than that this roof in very good shape and it was obviously professionally installed.

Note the unique entry gates with the sea life theme.

Broadway View Condominiums (Jul. 2017)

This is a large very detailed and complex project. The HOA hired ORC to make random unannounced visits to check on both the quality of work and the progress and efficiency of the job

➲ ​See our testimonial from: Kristie M Homeowner Testimonial (Jul. 2017) for more details.

Titan Terrace HOA - West Linn (Jul.2017)

ORC was asked to inspect 7 new roofs in the Hidden Springs area. Five duplexes and two four-plexes.

Roofing Boot Camp - Tillamook (Jun. 2017)

ORC was asked by a roofing contractor to teach a raw but eager 4 man crew  how to install composition shingles. These guys had torn off a few roofs but had yet to install a roof from start to finish.

The project was a 37 square apartment building in Tillamook. I was there 3 days. Prior to my arrival the old roofing was removed and underlayment & drip metal installed. I taught them proper layout, nailing, and a trick that assures all rows of shingles are straight. I showed them how to install a pipe flashing, attic and stem vents as well as proper hip & ridge layout and install. They paid attention and roofed this building in 3 days. Their first complete roof job turned out great and is most definitely in the top 10% of all comp roofs installed. Most likely top 5%. Really.

While there the roofer wanted me to look at a job in Manzanita so I made the scenic drive via Bay City, Garibaldi, Barview, Rockaway, Wheeler, Nehalem to Manzanita. It was an 82 degree cloudless day and I had time to hit the beach. On the way back I stopped in Rockaway for some chowder to go at The Oregon Smokehouse then hit Rockaway beach down by Twin Rocks for 3 hours. The beach photos here are of Manzanita & Rockaway beaches. The last photo was taken at Barview.

ORC LOVES beach trips!

SW Portland Shake Shingle Roof Inspection (Jun. 16, 2017)

This house has a pending sale and the buyer wanted an independent assessment of the cedar shake roof. We don't sell or install roofs as to remain fully independent and therefore we can afford to be honest. Roofers have a potential conflict of interest. Objectivity isn't always profitable.

Beaverton Shake Shingle Roof Inspection (Jun. 15, 2017)

This house is being sold and the seller wanted an independent roof assessment. Repairs had been done. ORC is the only independent that does roof certifications. Not one has been rejected.

Proper Nailing with Air Nailer

Contrary to popular Cowboy Roofer belief systems - it IS possible to properly apply roofing nails with an air nailer as these photos prove.

Mom gets a new roof (Jun. 2017)

During our recent April wind storm a neighbors' maple tree fell on Moms tile roof and broke about 275 tiles, poked through plywood, and broke 2 rafters.  I wouldn't hire just anyone to do this job I wanted the best or very near the best. I hired CC&L Roofing as they have been around a long time and are as good as you'll find. They treat their employees right, pay well, and have many workers who have been there a very long time. They even have a 70 year old repair expert!

The tile was 'Spectile' which was manufactured in Salem back in the early 80's. The tile machine they used was imported from Swansea Wales. The plant burned down in the late 80's so replacement tiles were unobtainable so we are putting on a Malarkey 'Legacy' laminated shingle  roof which is as good as shingles get. Malarkey has asphalt nobody else has. They are constantly trying to improve and don't rest on their laurels. The Legacy has a solid 50 year warranty, has the high wind & high impact features as well as the algae block component. They will use lead pipe jacks and install a continuous ridge vent.  Stay tuned - to be continued...............

Stopped by today and half the roof is done. Looks great! Rows are straight. Nailing is good. These guys know how to install. Just one small problem.......................They're laying the wrong color. Mom chose 'Antique Brown' but this is 'Heather' - which is a nice color and our second choice. I'm fine with it but Mom's not .....and well.........Mom is 92 so it's her call. Either the distributor made the error or the roofer did. We're only human. Stuff happens.

Even though Mom was reluctant I didn't like the idea of throwing away perfectly good shingles so we kept the color which was our second choice anyway. CC&L did a beautiful job and I have no complaints at all. See all you flaky cowboy roofers - it IS possible to do a good job!

This Malarkey 'Legacy' roof will be problem free for at least 50 years............when i'm 110.

Vancouver Roof Certification (Jun. 13, 2017)

We do a lot of roof certifications. Hundreds. Not one has been rejected. ORC is the only independent that does certifications. We are not selling anything so we can afford to be honest. This roof is fine and will last at least 15 years. Easily. It needs a good cleaning which will be done. The roof will be brought back to life and make the entire property look better.

Cornelius New Roof Inspection (Jun. 12, 2017)

ORC got a call from a homeowner in Cornelius asking that his brand new roof be inspected. He said the crew was drinking on the job and one drunken roofer fell off the roof! I thought; Here we go again! The roofer fired the drunks and sent out his A team. He certainly did - this roof is perfect. I could find absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing.

I have only seen this 3 times as long as I've been doing this. The owner was most pleased and will show my report to this roofer.

Hey all you honyock, incompetent, lazy flaky cowboy roofers! IT IS possible to do it right!

A bonus on this job was I stopped by a family farm and bought a flat of fresh picked strawberries which were fabulous!

Roof Inspections (Jun. 07, 2017)

ORC does a wide variety of inspections. We did these 3 yesterday.

They consisted of cedar shingles, cedar shakes, and composition shingles. All 3 are soon going on the market so they wanted an independent assessment of the condition of their roofs.

Happy Valley Roof Certification (Jun. 2017)

ORC was asked to do a roof certification for this roof in Happy Valley. When I was a roofer I installed this roof 18 years ago. I did five roofs for this lady. Now she's selling her house and downsizing.

St John The Apostle Church and School-Oregon City (May 22, 2017)

ORC was asked to assess all roofs on this large church property.

There was built-up flat roofing, granulated cap sheet, composition shingles, flood coat w/pea gravel, and torchdown roofing. ORC provided a narrative style comprehensive report with photos. Now the Church wants ORC to get bids for miscellaneous work and recommend whom they hire. ORC will be meeting with roofers onsite for their bids and will inspect the work once it's completed.

Hail damage in central Oregon (May 06, 2017)

ORC was given this assignment by SDAO (Special Districts Association Of Oregon) to assess the damage to property in Madras, Cloverdale, and Sisters. A storm cell moved through late at night dumping baseball sized hail which is extremely rare. Significant damage was done to buildings, homes, cars, even an ambulance belonging to the Sisters fire Department.

Glenwood Place Condominiums, NE Portland - Roof Inspections (April, 2017)

This Homeowners Association wanted an independent assessment of the condition of the roofs on 21 large buildings and 31 garages. This is one of the most well-maintained properties I have ever seen. Everything was in perfect order. The buildings and grounds showed evidence of constant care and attention. There was no trash, and there was nothing in disrepair. The entire community was flawless.

David Douglas High School, SDAO - Roof Inspection (Apr. 13, 2017)
Following a significant windstorm on April 7, Oregon Roof Consulting was directed by the Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) to perform a roof inspection at David Douglas High School in Southeast Portland.
Cedaroak Park School, SDAO - Roof Inspection (Apr. 12, 2017)

Following a significant windstorm on April 7, Oregon Roof Consulting was directed by the Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) to perform a roof inspection at Cedaroak Park School in West Linn. The storm, which had wind gusts of up to 90mph, tore off a section of one of the roof facets. However, it was tarped quickly so interior damage was kept to a minimum.

The Pines at Sunriver Resort - Roof Inspections (Mar. 22-23, 2017)

Oregon Roof Consulting took a road trip to central Oregon to assess the roofs for  'The Pines Resort' at Sunriver. 'The Pines' is owned by 'Vacation Internationale Resorts'. We inspected nine buildings, walking the entire roof of each building. There had been significant water entry due to a combination of severe winter weather and ice damming, in addition to damage resulting from installation error. We provided a detailed summary report and a spec list for new roofs. Repairs are an option as the roofing still has some years left; however, the management may decide to apply that money toward new roofs and just get it done.

Saw some nice scenery. Mountains, lava beds, canyons. Sampled the local cuisine. Went over Mt. Hood on Hwy 26 and then south on Hwy 97 through Madras, Redmond, Bend, then arriving at Sunriver. Coming home I went via Bend, Sisters, Santiam / McKenzie pass, Detroit Lake, Mill City to I-5. I hadn't been to Bend / Sunriver in 45 years. It has definitely changed! We love road trips!

Lively Park, Springfield - Roof Inspection (Mar. 9, 2017)

Oregon Roof Consulting inspected the roof on a water park built in 1991 at the Jack B Lively Memorial Park in Springfield. Heavy snow and ice damming had created some minor water entry and flashing damage. We provided a list of repairs to be done to help prevent similar issues in the future. During our inspection we also discovered some installation errors that needed some rework.

Hood River - Metal Roof Inspection (Mar. 1, 2017)

Farmers Irrigation District (FID) headquarters in Hood River contacted Oregon Roof Consulting. FID is responsible for supplying water to all farmers in the Hood River area.

There was some roof damage due to heavy snow and ice and some water entry via ice damming. The snow on the large building tore away the snow fence and gutters, along with a gas vent pipe. All of the damage was covered by insurance.

West Linn - New Roof HOA Dispute (Feb. 23, 2017)

Oregon Roof Consulting (ORC) was asked to inspect this new roof in West Linn, as there was some friction between the Homeowners Association (HOA) and the homeowner. Both sides agreed to have us have a look so we had an onsite meeting between the representative of the HOA board, the homeowner, the roofer, and yours truly.

I was pleasantly surprised - for a change - to see a very well-applied roof system with nice detail work and constructed to the manufacturer's specifications and the Oregon Residential Specialty Code (Chapter 9). How refreshing!

There was an issue regarding the weight of the shingles not being to their Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR) standards, so we visually surveyed other homes in the neighborhood and noticed many roofs with shingles similar in weight, profile, and quality.

McMinnville - Roof Inspection (Feb. 16, 2017)

Oregon Roof Consulting (ORC) was hired to assess this pea gravel and tar roof in McMinnville on a nice house next to the golf course. This home will soon be put on the market and the owners wanted an accurate and impartial assessment of this roof. We love day trips here at ORC!

NE Portland - Roof Inspections (Feb. 8, 2017)

Oregon Roof Consulting was busy on February 8, with not one but two site inspections in NE Portland.  First, we inspected a flat roof on a large warehouse near the airport. Then we inspected more flat roofs, this time on new townhouses still under construction located off Martin Luther King Blvd. 


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