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Wasco/Hood River County School Districts; Feb. 10 & 13-15, 2017

Oregon Roof Consulting (ORC) assessed the roofs of 15 schools and three other buildings for the Hood River County & Wasco County school districts (HRCSD & WCSD, respectively) . We were given this assignment by SDAO ( Special Districts Association Of Oregon ) who insures the majority of school districts in Oregon. If SDAO needs a roof assessment for any of their school district clients then ORC gets the call. At each school we met with the head of maintenance who gave us the complete grand tour. We marked leak areas on building maps we had and transferred those points to the roof where we easily found all issues. These roofs were hit hard this winter and had many leaks due to heavy snow and ice damming. ORC thoroughly inspected all of the roofs and provided advice for necessary repairs and maintenance. Most of the roofs were flat, but there was some metal roofing as well as some use of composition shingles.

HRCSD Main Administration Bldg.

This was the first stop on a 4 day tour of Primary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Administration Buildings and a bus maintenance facility. Even a baseball field! Here at the administration building in Hood River ice damming had clogged the main drain and there was some moderate water entry at the overflow drain nearby.

May Street Elementary School, Hood River (HRCSD)

This is a rarely seen and poorly designed roof system. The roof is constructed of 3X5 sheet metal panels held in place with tens of thousands of 1/4" hex head screws. Leaks everywhere. Too many to count. Whoever invented this system needs to find other employment. An upside to this job is that I found and purchased a May Street Dragons hoodie ! A collectors item !

Westside Elementary School, Hood River (HRCSD)

There were quite a few issues on this roof. Some of the leaks were via heavy snow and ice damming and others were due to lack of regular inspection and routine maintenance.

Cascade Locks Elementary School, Cascade Locks (HRCSD)

This school is right next to The Bridge Of The Gods. This is a torch-applied roof with a protective coating. Minimal leaking here caused minor ceiling staining and can be easily repaired.

Parkdale Elementary School, Parkdale (HRCSD)

Parkdale is a 25 minute drive from the back side of Hood River on the way to Mt Hood.This building has a 3-tab asphalt composition shingle roof and a bit of standing seam metal roofing. Water entry was minor here and the inside damage at a minimum. Necessary repairs should take 2 roofers a full day. They got several feet of snow here this winter which was a bit of an inconvenience.

Mid-Valley Elementary School, Odell (HRCSD)

Odell is just 10 minutes south of Hood River. Right in the heart of apple country. Never ever saw so many apple trees !This is a flat old school hot mop built up roof. No leak issues here however a long section of gutters and downspouts was torn away from the building. This school got off easy compared to all the other schools. Luck of the draw.

Wy'East Middle School, Hood River (HRCSD)

This is Wy'East Middle School in Hood River. This one is a combination of metal roofing and TPO type membrane roofing. Water entry was moderate here as snow was up to 4' deep on the roof. Ice damming will create leaking that plain old rain never will.

Hood River Middle School, Hood River (HRCSD)

This beautiful old building was a fun one. This was originally the High School but became the middle school about 40 years ago. This roof is mostly laminated asphalt composition shingles with some TPO membrane. The leak issues here were due to a combination of ice damming and lack of regular visual inspection & maintenance. Note the 3rd photo. This school has a beautiful auditorium complete with big curtains, a sloping floor, and a grand balcony. The auditorium has seating for about 1,250. The seats are fitted with metal racks underneath that held gentlemen's cowboy hats back in the day. That way your hat wouldn't block the view of people behind you and the holder would elevate your Stetson off the sloped floor to protect it if anyone spilled a drink behind you! Pretty keen idea!

Hood River Valley High School, Hood River (HRCSD)

This was the largest roof out of the Hood River District group. All TPO membrane. Most leaking due to 3-4' of snow combined with ice damming. There were some poorly done patches that were coming up and 4 large 8X4 skylites were cracked. There was some leaking due to inadequate inspection and maintenance. Gotta keep up on these things. I spent 4 hours on this roof as there are many sections and elevations. Access was via 3 hatches.

Dry Hollow Elementary School, The Dalles (WCSD)

This is Dry Hollow Elementary in The Dalles. Another example of that poorly designed roof system which we also found at May Street Elementary in Hood River. Hundreds of metal panels and tens of thousands of 1/4" hex head screws. What a great concept - put tens of thousands of holes in a metal roof!

The Dalles Middle School, The Dalles (WCSD)

This modern style building is The Dalles Middle School. This artistic building has mostly standing seam continuous metal panels with a bit of built up granulated cap sheet. Much of the cap sheet needs replacing and will be done this summer.

Bob Williams Field, The Dalles (WCSD)

This is Bob Williams Stadium in The Dalles. This was a nice change of pace. Three plumbing vent pipes were pushed over, but there was no damage or leaking. This stadium has a lot of character. Imagine back in the 50's and 60's rooting for the home team back in a simpler time. Have a dog, some popcorn, a soda and a good time! After this we went down to Big Jim's for a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Yummy!

Chenowith Elementary School, The Dalles (WCSD)

This is Chenowith Elementary. It has a combination of built up white granulated cap sheet and 3-tab composition shingles. Leaking here was minor and easy to find. On to the next one.

Wahtonka High School, The Dalles (WCSD)

This was the second largest roof of the 4-day trip. We were met as always by the head of maintenance and taken on the grand tour. We entered many classrooms while classes were in session. I met some of the teachers. This neat old building is almost a hundred years old.

The roof was mostly built up with white granulated cap sheet. One newer building had TPO. We spent 3 hours here and saw everything, including quite a variety of maintenance issues. We chased down many leaks and also discovered some poorly done recent repairs.

The Dalles Elementary School, The Dalles (WCSD)

This was the final stop on the tour. No issues and no leaks! In and out in 30 minutes. The 4-day tour is now over.


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