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Oregon Roof Consulting Inspected Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon (Feb 2014)

Oregon Roof Consulting Inspected Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon (Feb 2014)

Roofing Gallery & Projects

Oregon Roof Consulting provides a wide range of roof consulting and inspection services. Select from the Roofing Gallery Index below to view information and photos that will help you learn more about roofing. 

(See Joe's Projects for information about roofing projects that Joe completed earlier in his career.)

(See South Pacific Roofing Projects for roofing photos and projects done by Joe in the remote South Pacific).

Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2022
Two New Roof Inspections - Clackamas & Molalla, OR  (May 16, 2022)

The roofer who installed these two large roofs wanted a third party assessment, so we had a look.           

65 Buildings Inspections - Beaverton, OR  (May 10-17, 2022)  

Last year we were asked to look at 26 buildings at this large Beaverton HOA. Now they want the remaining 65 single family, duplexes, tri-plexes, and four-plexes inspected along with the community clubhouse and pool building. . Apparently they like the way we do things. Reasonably priced, No BS, and the 44 years of experience really comes in handy too. Heck, at age 65 a person should be good at something. This will take 5-6 days. This from the HOA President : "The thoroughness and attention to detail that you bring to the game is exactly why I want your eyeballs on all the roofs here; please take the time you need to do this stuff safely...the detailed information you're generating will greatly inform the financial planning of our community". Awww schucks, twernt nuthin'.  One of our favorite lunch spots is 5 minutes away - Gloria's Secret Cafe. Outstanding and unique.         

Three-fer - SW Portland, OR (May 03 2022)  

These three jobs were within ten minutes of each other, so we put a route together and went for a drive. First job has shakes and torch on the flat. Roof is nearing the end so we gave the owners a new roof spec list and names of real roofers. They (do) exist. Second job needs a new roof. Third job was supposed to have plywood installed over 1X8 ship lap but roofer didn't install plywood. Owner paid for plywood but didn't get plywood.     

Two-fer - SW Portland, OR (May 02, 2022)  

These jobs were just seven minutes apart, which was convenient. First job has ventilation issues. Roofers installed 2 types of intake vents and 2 types of exhaust vents. You only need one. Plus, roofer put in writing that work would be done by an employee crew. Job was subbed out. It's not nice to engage in egrigious prevarication. Second job a PVC membrane that is in good shape and will last a long time.    

Tile Roof Inspection - Tualatin, OR (Apr 30, 2022)  

The buyers wanted an independent opinion so we had a look. A lot of tiles broken by the roof cleaner. Valleys are closed and a lot of debris has accumulated so all valleys will need to be taken apart, cleaned out and put back together. Bruce Springsteen had his wedding reception here.

Two-fer - Seattle, WA Area (Apr 26-29, 2022)  

The first job took three days in Kent, which is twenty-five minutes Southeast of Seattle. Then it was twenty-five minutes north of Seattle for a job in Lynnwood

The Kent job was seventeen buildings with twenty-year-old shingles. The shingles were in very poor condition and I think are factory defective. Condition varies with shingles that get very little sun still in very good condition, while the shingles that get direct sun look like they are fifty years old. Granules and asphalt worn away, and all you see is fiberglass mat.

The Lynnwood job was five buildings. Two-story low slope with a black membrane roof coated with a white elastomeric coating.

Tile Roof Inspection - Wilsonville, OR   (Apr 22, 2022)  

The buyers wanted an independent assessment so we drove to Charbonneau.  The roof had a few broken tiles, but not many. Valley metal was only 14" wide, while 24" is the minimum code requirement. First row of tile should be nailed, but it's not. None of this means a new roof is necessary. The tiles are 'Spectile'. Spectile had one plant on N. Portland Road in Salem but in the mid-Nineties the plant burned to the ground - right after they declined a buyout offer from a major tile manufacturer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.    

Defective Shingles - Vancouver, WA (Apr 21, 2022) 

The seller wanted an inspection from someone not selling anything so we got the call.  The shingles are factory defective. We have seen about seventy of these and they all look the same. The homeowners were given information to start the claim process. About 10% of the shingles here are in poor condition but the rest are fine.        

Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR (Apr 14, 2022)

The probable buyers of this $3.5 million home wanted an independent assessment, so we had a look.   

➲ See the Drone Photgraphs and Videos here:  
PORTLANDRONE Videos and Photos- Roof Inspection-Lake Oswego

Two-Fer - Lake Oswego, OR (Mar 31, 2022)

These two jobs were just a mile apart so we visited Lake Oswego.

The flat roof a PVC membrane nicely installed and should easily last 15 years. The pitched roof is showing its' age but still has a good 8-10 years left. Rework is required at a pitch change in back. Code requires flashing at pitch changes though it rarely happens. The shingles at the change were cupped thus allowing water to collect and seep in. Code is there for a reason.        

Metal Roof Inspection - Rhododendron, OR (Mar 25, 2022)

The owners’ insurance company wanted a roof inspection so we drove up to Mt Hood.  This roof nicely installed. The paint is in pristine condition as this roof almost never gets direct sunlight. There are no legitimate negative issues with this roof.       

Roof Inspection - Banks, OR  (Mar 23, 2022)

These folks are being relocated to South Carolina, so their relocation vendor asked for a roof inspection.  The roof is a GAF 'Grand Sequoia' 50 year 'heavyweight' shingle. It's showing its' age but still has at least 10 years left.         

Two Roof Inspections - Tualatin, OR  (Mar 18, 2022)

We were asked to assess the cedar shake and metal roofing on this property.        

Condominium Roof Inspection - NE Portland, OR (Mar 11, 2022)

This was our second visit, first visit was five years ago. Roof is a hot-mop white granulated cap sheet. Needs a few minor repairs but with luck they could easily get five to seven years out of this, maybe longer.                    

Home Sale Roof Assessment- Vancouver, WA (Mar 07, 2022)

The buyer needed a five-year certification, so we had a look.  Roof is worn but not 'shot'. House hasn't been lived in for a few years this one was sold at auction. It needs help but the potential is enormous. I was able to give them the 5 years they were hoping to get. They were pleased and relieved.    

Newer Roof Inspection - SW Portland, OR (Feb 28, 2022)

The owner was told by  3 roofers that this 6 year old roof was bad so we got the call. The roof is fine. Should last a long time. No shortage of lying ripoff roofers out there. No shortage at all. The homeowner found our services most helpful.

Five in One Trip (Jan 06, 2022)

One in NE Portland, two near each other in Milwaukie, one in West Linn, and then finished in Salem. First job 9 years old and leaking. Uneven roof deck should have installed plywood. Second job a home sale that needed a roof certification. Roof is fine no issues. Third job a new roof that looked like our pet bunny rabbit installed it.Cowboy special. Fourth job a nice roof but over 90% of nails over driven and way above nail line. Fifth job same thing.


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