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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2019
New Roof Inspection - Kent, WA (Dec 21, 2019)

Kent is just Southeast of Seattle and a 3 hour drive from home. The owners had misgivings about their new Landmark TL roof so we got the call. 

Overall the roof was OK but the nails used to install the ridge shingles on top of the continuous ridge vent were too short and didn't even penetrate the plywood deck. You see most roofers are terrified regarding hand nailing and nearly all use air nailers. Problem is that the longest nail obtainable for an air nailer is 1-3/4" and those are not long enough - so, the roofer must come back and renail the ridge by hand with 3" nails. Said roofer also used cheap 15 year pipe flashings with a 50 year shingle. The rubber collar on these fail in 12-20 years depending on how much sun they get. Other than that it's a good roof.                       

Buying a New Home - SW WA (Nov-Dec 2019)

ORC was asked to assess these tile roofs for a nice couple searching for a home to buy.  All four homes were upper end and all had tile roofs. The couple ended up buying the home in the last photo which is in Camas.                      

NW Portland, OR - Day Care Center Roof Inspection  (Nov  26, 2019)

We were hired by Fruit And Flower Child Care Center to assess their roof, which consisted of many flat sections as well as concrete tile sections.                        

Roof Inspection - Troutdale, OR  (Nov 14, 2019)

The buyer of this home needed a minimum of a five-year roof certification to satisfy her insurance carrier. This roof should easily last ten years, probably longer. ORC is the only independent that does certifications. This house is right on the banks of the Sandy River between Tad's Chicken N'Dumplings and Shirley's Tippy Canoe. Both long established and popular restaurants. Want chicken-n-dumplings like Grandma used to make? Go to Tad's. They serve it up ‘family style’ and if you want more just ask.

Roof Assessment - Springfield Utility Bureau - Springfield, OR (Nov 05, 2019) 

ORC was hired by a Eugene, OR engineering firm to assess this roof, advise on materials to use for the new roof work next spring, and write specs for the job.    

Dispute Finalization - Bend, OR  (Nov. 9, 2019)

After many months of back and forth, litigation, name calling, sniveling, moaning, and whining by the so called 'professional roofer' the homeowner finally prevailed. They will be getting a new professsionally installed Fifty-Year Roof this spring. At the roofers expense of course. ORC will write the specs for this sixty-eight-square roof and recommend (real) roofers of which there are few, especially in central Oregon. At first ORC was mocked, slandered, and ridiculed by the roofer and their enablers which makes this victory taste real good. He who laughs last laughs best.

➲ See our 2019 Hall of Shame entry: Bend, OR - New Roof 2nd visit   (Mar 18, 2019).

➲ See our 2018 Hall of Shame entry: New Roof Inspection - Sunriver, OR  (Oct 18-19, 2018). 

Apartment Roof Inspection - NE Portland, OR (Oct 30, 2019)

We were hired by the seller of this 1915 building to assess their flat roof. It was refrehing to see a flat torch applied roof done correctly with no corners cut. A nice touch is the stainless steel 'backsplash' metal on the parapet walls. This roof should be problem free for at least 15 years and quite possibly longer than that.                  

Hotel Roof Repair - Seaside, OR (Oct 23-25, 2019)

ORC was hired to monitor and photo document this repair job. We visited in late August to assess the roofs on 6 buildings. The main building needed major repairs so ORC recommended the roofer who ended up doing the work. The weather was dry the last part of October so the work was done in 3 days. We stayed a couple extra days after the roofers left and looked around and picked up some fresh and I mean fresh seafood to take home. Visited Garibaldi, Rockaway, Wheeler, Manzanita and Hug Point which is just north of Arch Cape. ORC loves beach trips !     

➲ ​See Hotel Roof Inspection - Seaside, OR   (Aug 20-21,   2019).   

Roof Inspection - West Linn, OR (Oct 19, 2019)

One of our regular clients is GlobeSpec, located in Carol Stream, Illinois. They assist with professionals who have been relocated by their employer.

This roof is in newer condition with no legitimate issues. One thing about going to peoples' homes is that you never know what you'll see. This guy had two very impressive collections. One was misc sports related items with many signed by who's who in the NFL, NBA, Baseball, Golf, Auto Racing, etc. The other collection was silver items from the 1700's & 1800's. WOW !               

Roof Inspection - NW Portland, OR (Oct 18, 2019)

This house was being sold and the buyer wanted an independent assessment of this roof. The roof was older but still had a few years left. Along with my summary I sent a new roof spec list and told them when it is reroof time present that list to bidders and have them bid the job that way. Then they will all be bidding on the same thing and corners that are frequently cut will not be cut. So there all you cowboy roofers !                

Tile Roof Inspection - N. Portland, OR (Oct 9, 2019)

This house was for sale and the owners wanted an independent assessment of this 62 year old tile roof.  I noticed a business card from a roofing company attached to the mailbox. I've heard nothing but negatives about this company and of course they said a new roof was need. Objectivity isn't always profitable. I told the owners this roof is worn but still has some years of service left.

I noticed 4 broken tiles at the drip edge of the front facet. Somebody - probably from that roofing company - stepped on the tiles and broke them and of course they didn't say anything to the owners about it.             

Roof Inspections - Bend, OR (Oct 1-2, 2019)

ORC was hired by this HOA and their property management company to assess these seven duplexes in Bend, OR.  This was our 16th trip to Central Oregon and it is one of our favorite destinations. Just a whole different world.

We provided a summary report describing the quality of materials used, quality of installation, and what repairs are now necessary. We also advised on how long the roofs should last and provided a new roof spec list to be presented to bidders when it is time to reroof.

We took the Mt Hood route home going through Redmond, Terrebonne, Madras, Warm Springs then up over the mountain via Blue Box Pass. A great trip !

US Post Office Tile Roof Inspection - Okanogan, WA   (Aug  26-28,  2019)

ORC was contacted by a Roofer from Utah that spent three-and-a-half months on this roofing project. They needed an independent inspection of this roof to verify it was done correctly. It was. The roof is a clay tile product fastened with ring shank copper roofing nails. The 3 flat sections are EPDM. We were provided diagrams showing various details and 77 photos taken during the install.

Okanogan is a 380 mile, 7-hour drive from home. Up I-84, past The Dalles, then across the Columbia River up through Toppenish, Yakima, Ephrata, past Chief Joseph Dam, miles and miles of apple orchards, then arrival in Okanogan. That's the thing about doing this. You just never know what the next call will be about or where the next job will be. I stayed an extra day and a half so I could look around, take a day trip 18 miles north to Conconully population 280. Saw some things and places I would have never otherwise had the chance to see. Stayed in an old funky hotel which was fun. Great breakfast restaurant in the hotel. Fantastic museum just up the road. A good trip all the way around.           

Hotel Roof Inspection - Seaside, OR   (Aug 20-21,   2019)

ORC was asked to assess this flat roof on the Seashore Inn in Seaside. The owner drove down from Bellevue Washington and we had a look around. We found one seam in the center of the roof that had opened up. With rain forecast for the next day, the maintenance guy was able to do a yeoman's patch job which will hold up until a permanent repair can be done. I looked at a total of six separate flat roofs here. None (except the main roof) had major issues and all with at least several years left.

The owner had a ridiculous bid of $39K to do a two-day repair/rework, so I called a few roofing acquaintences and two said they could do the rework for $10K-$12K. The affected area in the center of the main roof and about 1,100 sq. ft. +/- in size. When this work is done we will go back and moniter/photograph/ document the proceedings.

On the way home I did the usual route: Manzanita, Nehalem, Rockaway, Giribaldi, Bay City then home. Picked up some steamers, FRESH fish, chowder, crab cakes and petite oysters. I love beach jobs!    

➲ ​See Hotel Roof Repair - Seaside, OR   (Oct 23-25,  2019).                

Commercial Flat Roof Inspection - Portland SE (Aug 19, 2019)

ORC was asked to give an independent assessment of this 800 square flat roof in NE Portland. The owner - based in Seattle - found the website and we got the call. They had a bid of $1 million dollars for a new roof and of course the roofer neglected to tell them that save for a couple repairs this roof still had several years left. You see, I am not selling anything therefre I can afford to be honest and objective.

The owners were very happy and said my moderate fee of $400 was "The best money we have spent in a long time". Now that felt good!

➲ ​See Commercial Flat Roof Repair - NE Portland   (Feb 10-13, 2020)

New Flat Roof Inspection - Hillsboro, OR    (Aug 07, 2019)

We were asked to inspect this new TPO installation on this unique home.  The drains needed to be redone and all pipes needed the required clamp but other than that it passed. The real problem was all the damage done to the asphalt shingle roof sections that were connected to the flat sections. To mend all that needed mending will take 2 roofers, I mean experienced roofers, about 2 days.                

Depoe Bay HOA Inspections   (Jul 23-Jul 26,  2019)

ORC was hired to assess these 14 buildings and 22 garages for the Searidge Condominium HOA in Depoe Bay. I got up on all these buildings over a 4 day period. The weather was perfect. The view from the shoreline buildings was breathtaking. The hotel was 2 minutes away. This is never a job it's always fun.

The shakes are heavy grade meaning 3/4" thick old growth 100% vertical grain wood that has been regularly treated and maintained. These roofs still have many years left and installing a new roof wont be necessary in the near future.

The property manager and residents were helpful and most accomodating. If I needed something - there it was - right now.

ORC loves beach trips !                   

Top 2% quality of installations that ORC sees

We rarely mention the names of roofing companies but here’s an exception. Over the last two years three homeowners called and all wanted their new roof inspected before paying the bill. Smart folks. All three roofs were perfect and in the top 2% of what I see. They were all done by Gonzalez Eagle Roofing. I was so impressed that i felt compelled to call them and congratulate them, which I did. I have referred dozens of property owners to them and so far no complaints. I receive no finder's fee or kickback of any kind from any roofer I recommend. It's my job to steer folks in the right direction. So listen up, all you honyock, ripoff, incompetent, cowboy so-called roofers out there: it IS possible to do a good job.                      

Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR (Jul 13, 2019

We were asked to assess this roof for a solar power provider based in Vancouver. They needed to hear that this roof had at least ten years left. Unfortunately this roof in poor condition and will not last nearly that long.

Roof Inspections - Gearhart, OR   (Jul 08, 2019)

We made a day trip to Gearhart on the north Oregon coast to assess these two low slope roofs. The weather was perfect so, as with all beach jobs, we made a day of it. After the inspection it was south to Manzanita for a look around and a three mile beach walk. Then to Nehalem for outstanding fish and chips at 'Riverside', which is a food cart right on the Nehalem River. Then south again to Rockaway for steamers, chowder, and crab cakes to take home. We did a four mile beach walk on seven-mile-long Rockaway Beach. No crowds but lots of sand dollars! Last stop was a seafood shop at the Port of Giribaldi for some sea bass caught that day. ORC loves beach trips !                 

Roof Inspection - Wilsonville, OR  (Jun 28, 2019)

The buyers of this $2.4 million home wanted an independent assessment of this comp roof in Wilsonville.  The roof ia a professionally installed black three-tab shingle in newer condition. This roof should be problem free for a long time.    

Tile Roof Inspection - Aurora   (Jun 26, 2019)

We were asked to inspect this roof for the buyer of this home right on the river in Aurora. The buyer liked my report a lot more than the seller did.  There were at least three-hundred chipped tiles that were broken by a roof cleaner that had not much tile experience. Fortunately, none of the chipped tiles are a leak issue due to tile overlap. It just doesn't look good. There were also many tiles falling out of place and no hip caps were used.                   

Shake Roof Inspection - West Linn, OR (Jun 25, 2019)  

ORC was asked to assess this shake roof for the buyers of this nice home right on the river.  The shakes were still in fair/fair-plus condition and should easily last several years.                   

Roof Inspection Road Trip - Cathlamet, WA (Jun 18, 2019)

ORC was asked to assess roofing on four structures in Cathlamet. Never been there. Drive up I-5 to Longview and just before the bridge that crosses into Oregon at Rainier you turn right, go 6 miles then turn left at Beach Highway Four. Twenty miles then you're in Cathlamet. Sleepy town right on the river. I looked around a bit after looking at the 4 roofs on this property then headed home but not before stopping at an outstanding bakery in La Center called 'Sadie & Josies'. If you are ever near La Center go there! EXTRA yummy!

New Roof Inspection -  Corvallis, OR   (Jun 03, 2019)  

ORC was asked to inspect this new roof on a house we looked at back in October of 2018.  We wrote a spec list for this roof and provided names of qualified, legitimate, professional, quality oriented roofers - of which there are few. This roof is in the top 2% of what I see. The homeowner recieved good value for the money spent and will not become another statistic. We just love helping people!       

➲ ​See Tile Roof Inspection - Corvallis, OR  (Oct 30, 2018).  

Cedar Shake Roof Inspection - Sherwood, OR (Jun 01, 2019)

The buyers of this$1.8 million home wanted an assessment of this shake roof.  This roof has old growth 100% vertical grain shakes. This roof was professionally installed which was refreshing to see. I told these folks that this roof should be problem free for at least 15 years probably longer. They were most pleased with our efforts.             

New Roof On New Home Inspection - Vancouver, WA   (May 18, 2019)

The installation is well within industry standards, which was refreshing to see, especially being new construction. Just a very nice installation. Problem is the shingles are defective. Less than a year old and already falling apart. All over the roof the granules and asphalt are gone with only the fiberglass mat showing.

This is a large development and every home has the same color shingles likely made by the same manufacturer. ORC may have stumbled across a real doozie here. You see, it is common for home builders to seek ‘sweetheart deals’ with various building products manufacturers. Many dozens of new homes having the same color shingles raised an eyebrow, lets just say . . .Stay tuned . . .

Update : This roof will be torn off and redone with quality shingles instead of low quality garbage el cheapo shingles. I'm guessing that all of the neighbors - with new roofs - that are probably the same el cheapo shingles - will be curious as to why this new roof had to be replaced. I'll bet the builder who tried to save money by using trash shingles will regret that decision.

New Roof Installation Monitoring - Clackamas, OR   (May 2019)

ORC was asked to monitor the installation of this new roof in Clackamas. We made random unannounced visits to look things over. The result was a quality roof job.                     

New Roof Install Monitoring - SW Portland, OR   (May 2019)

We first looked at this roof two years ago. We provided a new roof spec list to be presented to all bidders. We also provided a short list of excellent roofers - of which there are few. Now we are monitoring the new roof installation of this fifty-nine square project in the Corbett Hill area. I take lots of photos each visit and email them to the homeowners daily.

This project began on May 6th and was completed on May 17th. The shingle used here was the Malarkey 'Legacy' which is about as good as it gets. Two guys did this entire project. Just two. The quality of materials used combined with a professional installation added up to an essentially perfect roof. Easily in the top 1%. Just a beautiful job! We here at ORC like to think that just maybe we had something to do with this project turning out so well. Oh, the homeowners couldn't be happier! See all you dipstick cowboy roofers - it IS possible to do a good job!               

Tile Roof Inspection - Milwaukie, OR  (May 3, 2019)

The buyer of this home wanted an independent assessment of this concrete tile roof so we got the call.                   

HOA New Roof Install Monitoring - Beaverton, OR (Late April, 2019)

We have been involved with this property for 2 1/2 years now.  We wrote the specs for the new roof installation and were asked to monitor the installation and photo document everything. So I made random unannounced visits on each day of the project with each visit lasting about an hour.         

➲ See our 2020 Gallery entry: New Roof Install Monitoring - Beaverton, OR  (Apr 2020)

Tile Roof Inspection - SW Portland, OR (Apr 18, 2019)

We inspected this Lifetile concrete tile roof for the buyer of this home. This roof should last 35-40 years with occasional maintenance. There are about 25 broken tiles however they are all chipped lower right corners which is the weakest point of these type of tiles. None are a leak issue due to tile overlap.

Metal Roof Inspection - Hillsboro, OR (Apr 4, 2019)

Part of the due diligence for the probable buyer of this building is a roof inspection so we got the call.

This roof was professionally installed and in theory should last a very long time. Occasional cleaning and minor maintenance will be necessary which is to be expected.

Tile Roof Inspection - Hillsboro, OR (Mar 22, 2019)

ORC looks at a lot of tile roofs. Tile is very specialized and it’s all about the details. 

Destructive Testing - Oregon City (Mar 11, 2019)

The owner of this new home is suing for pretty much a new house. Good luck with that pal.

This one was a real lawyer fest. Someone paid many thousands of dollars for 'destructive teating' on a small % of the roof area. Humps in the roof caused by uneven rafters. Another hump caused by plywood nails 1/4" under driven. Two small humps at one valley caused by slightly buckled valley flashing that could have used a few extra nails. None of these a leak issue.

The main issue turned out to be bad plywood nailing and plywood buckling because of tightly laid plywood with no 1/8" expansion joint.

Tile Roof Inspection - NW Portland., OR (Feb 22, 2019)

ORC was asked to assess this 20 year old ‘Monier’ shake tile roof for the prospective buyer.

Tile is very specialized and there are less than 5 legitimate, qualified, experienced, established tile roofers. This roof had installation issues such as closed valleys and trim tile junctions with no lead - just caulk. Can't do that.

Also there were about 35 broken tiles all on the lower levels and near walls which indicate careless foot traffic by 'Professional Contractors' that didn't know how to walk on tile. Away from the walls and on the upper areas there were no broken tiles.

With a bit of rework - about $8,000 worth this roof will be good to go for at least 40 years.

Archon Roof Inspection - Scappoose, OR (Feb 18, 2019)

This specialized metal fabrication business needed a roof inspection to satisfy their insurance company, so we got the call. It’s a metal roof and in overall very good condition.

This is a very specialized 'niche' company. Just like Oregon Roof Consulting. They do anything and everything with sheet and plate metal. You name it. Restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices, locker rooms at major Pac-10 Universities, Starbucks, Nike, the list is endless. They do work all up and down the west coast and beyond.

I have asked them to make a decorative mirrored metal oval with our company logo which will hang in our office.

From the office manager : " Great work Joe! You provided exactly what we were looking for. We would love to do some work for you ". Another satisfied customer. Then again . . . . . . . they all are.

Recent jobs in 2019 - Oregon (Feb 17, 2019)

Here are just a few of the jobs we have done in 2019.

We go everywhere. Frequently. That's one of the good things about this job is going to places we otherwise never would have gone to. Plus, I am always finding good places to eat. Some are real gems. This is always fun it's never a 'job'. It's a hell of a ride !

New Office Manager/Mascot (Feb, 2019)

Meet our new office manager / mascot ‘Missy’. She is a one- year-old Rex rabbit and a real sweetheart. She’s playful yet calm, affectionate and very smart. The Bunster aka Missy Mae Belle Esq likes parsley, cabbage, cilantro, lettuce and of course, pellets. She is also smarter than a lot of roofers out there. Much more honest too.

I have seen many roofs that looked like they were installed by this rabbit. . . . . . . . with apologies to The Hopper.

Village at Brookhaven HOA Roof Inspections - Beaverton, OR  (Feb 06-07, 2019)  

We inspected these ten buildings with twenty-five residences for a Property Management company who we have done several of these for. We walked all roofs and took about two hundred photos. We provided a detailed summary for each building with photos showing areas that needed attention.

Apparently some sneaky, crooked, deceitful, predator 'professional contractors' have told these folks that they all need new roofs - NOW. That is egregious prevarication. For all you Cowboy Roofers that means they lied. Homeowners have targets on their backs, especially senior citizens. I am always hearing about these lying crooked bastards saying anything to make a sale. Fortunately I was able to un - ripoff these folks. Felt good too.
All roofs have two layers of composition shingles. Two buildings will need a new roof in 2-3-4 years otherwise the rest of these roofs should all easily last 8-10 years quite possibly longer.

Here are some nice words from the property management company : " Dear Mr Sardotz, Very much appreciated! The Board is very impressed and appreciative of your work! Thank you for doing such a great job!


Flat Roof Inspection - Sellwood, OR (Feb 02, 2019)

ORC was hired to assess this 3 year old TPO roof for the potential buyers who wanted an independent – love that word – opinion of the quality of installation. It was refreshing to see a nicely done professionally installed roof. More often than not that isn't the case.    

HOA Roof Inspection - Beaverton, OR (Feb 02, 2019)

We did this inspection for a longtime client based in Redondo Beach California. We have done many dozens of jobs for them. This roof was in newer condition without any legitimate negatives.

Four-Plex Roof inspection - Salem, OR (Feb 01, 2019)

ORC was hired by the prospective buyer of this investment property. He wanted an indepent assessment prior to agreeing to purchase. Although the majority of the roof still had some years left there were issues. On the main roof the plywood was buckling in many places. The utility fans / vents were partially discharging water vapor into the attic - for about 22 years. The buyer got an allowance for a new roof which was deducted from the selling price. This client was most pleased with our efforts.

Roof Inspection - 'House In The Trees' - Gleneden Beach, OR (Jan 15, 2019)

This property was being sold and the buyers wanted an independent roof assessment. The roof is only 3 years old and is a better quality shingle. Even though the install was done by moderately skilled roofers the simplistic geometry of the roof bailed them out. The roof is and will be 'functional'.

The job only took 40 minutes so we made a day of it. Prior to the job we had breakfast at Otis then afterward we visited Depoe Bay and Gleden Beach. Then to Barnacle Bills for some fresh rockfish and 4 dungeness crab to take home. ORC loves beach trips!


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