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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2021
Flat Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR  (Nov 18, 2021)

We were hired by a property management company to assess this flat roof in Lake Oswego.         

Roof Inspection - Tualatin, OR (Nov 18, 2021)

One of our longtime clients is a relocation company based in Dallas, Texas. They assist professionals who have been relocated by their employer. This family is going to North Carolina. Note the squirrel damage on the lead pipe flashing. This is fairly common. The pesky critters love chewing on these.       

Three-plex Roof Inspection - North Portland, OR  (Nov 06, 2021)

The owners of this building, next to the Columbia River, received ominous commentary (egregious prevarication)  from dubious sources regarding roof condition, so we were asked to look around.  The owners were happy to hear that they had at least 8-9 years left in this roof, quite possibly longer. They were ready to buy a new roof. You see, we are not selling anything; therefore we can afford to be honest.   

Flat Roof Inspections - NE Portland, OR  (Nov 02, 2021)

We got a call from Precision Castparts, who wanted an assessment of two large flat roofs, so we went out by the airport and had a look.

The majority of both buildings is a hot mop white granulated cap sheet. A lower section is a torch applied black modified bitumen membrane. Both buildings have smaller attached standing seam metal roofs.

A large percentage of the flat sections is still in pretty good shape and should last several years; however, there are areas which will soon require rework/patching/repairs.       

Flat Roof Inspection #2 - Klamath Falls, OR (Oct 24-25, 2021)

This was our second visit.

Last time we went via Medford and through the Lake Of The Woods. This time we went via Highway 58 which goes through Oakridge then up over 5,128 ft Willamette Pass. Coming home we took Highway 97 all the way up through LaPine, Bend, Redmond, Madras and Warm Springs.

The General Contractor that did the work was very professional and fastidious while spending 7 weeks installing new equipment and removing old cell equipment. They did not damage / compromise the TPO roof in any way. A good trip. We drove 611 miles in 2 days.

➲ See our 2021 Gallery entry: Roof Inspection - Klamath Falls, OR (Feb 09, 2021)

Clay Tile Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR  (Sep 11/12, 2021)

The buyer wanted an independent assessment so we got the call. It was necessary to hire a drone vendor.        

➲ See the Drone Photographs here:  
PORTLANDRONE Photos-Lake Oswego Roof Inspection

➲ See the Drone Videos here:  
PORTLANDRONE Videos-Lake Oswego Church Roof Inspection

Newer Roof Inspection - Carlton, OR (Aug 20, 2021)

We were hired by an insurance company to assess this duplex roof.                     

Westbrook HOA - Roof Inspections (Aug 17-18-19, 2021)

Westbrook is a tidy HOA community on thirty acres in Beaverton, OR. We inspected the roofs on 26 of the 86 buildings as well as several TPO and torch applied carport roofs.        

New Roof Inspection - NW Portland   (Jul 21, 2021)

This roof mostly within industry standards except ridge nails way too short and they used 15 year pipe flashings on a 50 year roof.      

Pre-Cell Tower Roof Inspection - SE Portland, OR (Jul 19, 2021)

Verizon is putting a cell tower on the roof. We were asked to do roof inspections both before and after the tower goes up. The antenna work was completed in 2 1/2 days and the roof was not disturbed or compromised in any way. So if any 'issues' with the roof Verizon won't be blamed for it.      

Low Slope Roof Inspection -  Eugene, OR (Jul 17, 2021)

The owner was getting mixed signals from various roofers so we were asked to have a look. There are some incorrect details but the roof itself is functional and could hold up for up to 10 years or so with a bit of luck.     

Roof Inspection - Beaverton, OR   (Jul 16, 2021)

The owner wanted an independent assessment of his roof so we went out Beaverton way.  Roof has many years left but the small flat section in back is shot and needs replacement.     

New Roof Inspection -  Astoria, OR   (Jul 08, 2021)

The owner wanted an assessment of his new roof install so we went to Astoria. Height was an issue so a local contractor was hired to bring a 40' ladder. This house is in a 135 mph wind zone so proper fastening is crucial. Unfortunately about 40%+- of nails are over and or angle driven. More importantly the nails were not placed where the shingle manufacturer wants them placed. These things are important in a 135 mph wind zone. The roofer wasn't willing to take responsibility for their actions (it's always someone else's fault) so they called Mommy (Shingle Manufacturer) hoping Mommy would bail them out. Mommy went way above and beyond what they were obligated to do and sent a tech guy to Astoria to have a look. Even though nailing was not to code/specs, Mommy said she would warrant the install. Manufacturers NEVER do this. BTW 'Mommy' is Malarkey Roofing Products. Excellent products AND service!!

After the job, we drove up to scenic historic Oysterville on the Willapa Bay side of the peninsula. Got some clams and oysters pulled that day and some fresh crab meat. Then looked around town and went for a long drive on the beach. Great trip!!

Newer Roof Inspection - West Linn, OR (Jun 30, 2021)

This job came from a company that helps relocate professionals from another part of the country.      

Roof Inspection - SW Portland, OR (Jun 28, 2021)  

This house being sold so we were hired to do an independent, not selling anything, assessment.          

Roof Inspection - Jefferson, OR   (Jun 19, 2021)

Jefferson, OR,  population 3,800, is about 20 minutes SE of Salem.  So, on a sunny Saturday we went to have a look. The shingles still have some years left but there are a few minor repairs that need to be done.                 

Flat Roof Inspection - Salem, OR (Jun 17, 2021)

This building being sold to a Seattle based investment group. We were asked to assess this 5 year old TPO membrane roof. The install is within industry standards however we found a few minor things that needed attention. When the rework is done we will go back and inspect again.    

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New Roof Inspection - South Waterfront, Portland, OR (Nov 02, 2018)


Metal roof inspection - Milwaukie, OR  (Jun 14, 2021)

This house being sold so we were asked by the owners – who live across the street – to do a roof certification.      

Tile Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR  (May 26, 2021)

This $3.6 million home being sold so we did an inspection for the buyers. The tile is the Monier 'Villa' profile. It was re painted in 2006. The roof has many years left however tile must be maintained. Valleys are the closed type so at some point all valleys will need to be disassembled, cleaned out, put back tiles. Moss LOVES tile and this roof no exception. This roof will need a thorough cleaning. The underlayment paper has pretty much disintigrated but with the tile being put on the original cedar shingle roof the paper issue is a non issue. Actually this is a pretty good roof system.     

Tile Roof inspection w/drone - NW Portland, OR (May 11, 2021)

This house is being sold, so the buyer asked for an assessment. Much of this roof couldn’t be seen so we hired a drone vendor. The drone operator is a pilot for United Airlines, and is also an instructor. He does this as a second job. Real nice guy. We've used him before. Some 'issues' were found that needed attention. The work will not be cheap due to pitch and challenging access in the back. There are things on this roof that a legitimate, qualified, experienced tile roofer (of which there are very few) would not do.

 Drone Link
Click on the drone to see
the inspection video and photos

Tile Roof Inspection - Vancouver, WA  (May 01, 2021)

This house being sold so we were asked to do an assessment.  A lot of issues here. This is the first tile roof we have seen with two different types/brands of tile. There is Monier and Adams-Powell. There are many many dozens of broken tiles, likely from the painters. You cannot freely walk about on tile like you can other types of roofing. Another important issue is that there are sevaral sags in the roof. Maybe this roof was not built to handle tile weight? The new buyer has some decisions to make.  

Three-in-One - Portland, OR   (Apr 22, 2021)

We did this three job route in about four hours on a nice sunny day.          
***The little charmer’s name is Ingrid. Just the sweetest little puddy paw you’ll ever see.

Three in One - SW Portland, OR   (Apr 15, 2021)

These three jobs were semi-close together so we got them done in about three and a half hours. Job 1, a 105 year old house in the West Hills with a commanding view of Mt. Hood. The roof a Spanish 'barrel' clay tile. Job 2 is a thirty-four year old shake roof near Lewis and Clark College. Job 3 is a 'Bantile' roof in Bethany.

Shake Roof Inspection - Barrington Heights, OR (Apr 09, 2021)

The buyer from Houston wanted an independent assessment of this cedar shake roof in West Linn, OR. The roof is in overall good condition and should easily last fifteen years, probably longer.

The last photo shows a roof I sold back in my roofing days.

New Roof Inspection - Oregon City, OR (Apr 08, 2021)

This Queen Anne style home was built in 1895. The roof has multiple issues including: inadequate ventilation, bad nailing, tops of rake edge metal visible, no flashing at pitch change, and cheap pipe flashings that will fail long before the shingles do.

The puppy's name is Thunder. He is very friendly and has HUGE paws. Awwwwwwwwww.

Tile Two-Fer (Apr 07, 2021)

We looked at these two tile roofs. One in Raleigh Hills and the other up off of Skyline Blvd. The red one is older and the other roof is only 5 years old. Both should last a very long time.

Roof Inspection w/drone -  Dunthorpe, OR  (Mar 17, 2021)

This home is being sold so we got the call for a roof inspection. Much of the roof required the use of a drone vendor. In the entire USA there are less than 100 operators who have the proper FAA certification and are allowed to fly a drone over a populated area. The company we used is one of those. The guy operating the drone a commercial airline pilot who does this as a second job. The roof needs a few minor things but is pretty much OK. It was a pleasure to work with the drone vendor who unlike most roofers did a good job with no BS. How refreshing.                

Roof Inspection - Eagle Creek, OR  (Mar 16, 2021)

This 20 acre property was being sold and the buyer wanted a roof assessment so we went out Eagle Creek way.  The roof needs a bit of rework but nothing major. These shingles should easily last 15 years or more.                

Roof Inspection - Dunthorpe, OR (Mar 15, 2021)

The owners were thinking new roof but we fixed that. The roof needs a good claening and some areas need to be tended to but it will be a long time before a new roof is needed. Of course there were ripoff roofers who told these nice folks they needed a new roof. We fixed that.         

New Roof Inspection - This is how it's done!   (Mar 13, 2021)

The owner wanted his new roof inspected so we had a look.  It was refreshing to see a roof correctly and professionally installed. We do not see this often. Quality shingles and accessories were used. Corners were not cut. They even used real galvanized nails! Plus, they did it for a very reasonable price. The owner could have easily paid a lot more for a lot less - which I see all the time. Said homeowner was most pleased and relieved with our findings.

So listen up all you lazy, incompetent, greedy, dumass cowby roofers, it really is possible to do a good job - like you are supposed to do.              

New Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR  (Feb 25, 2021)

The owner of this new home wanted an independent assessment of this TPO roof so we got the call.

The garage roof has no slope. Code, Clackamas County and the manufacturer all require minimum slope of 1/4" in 12".

The main roof has adequate slope. The TPO was not installed with the common screws and plates but with adhesive. Manufacturers describe this as 'fully adhered'. Unfortunately the TPO isn't fully adhered.  Wrinkles are plentiful and significant. Will it leak or blow off? No. However the installation could have been better.  

Tile Roof Inspection - Canby, OR   (Feb 19, 2021)

A longtime client had us look at this Adams-Powell tile roof in Canby.  The tiles still have decades left - in theory however as is common with tile some maintenance is required. The valleys are closed meaning the tiles are touching at the center line. As always happens these valleys eventually clog at the bottom and water is diverted where you don't want water to go. If these were open valleys meaning a good 3" opening then they would be much easier to keep clean. Another negative here is the valley metal is only 18" wide. Code says minimum of 24". Moss loves tile and this roof also needs a good cleaning. Count on about $10,000 to do all that is needed.            

St Patrick Catholic Church Roof Inspection  - Canby, OR  (Feb 19, 2021)  

We were asked to assess multiple roofs at this church. We examined all roof sections and provided a detailed summary report along with photos. The large 110 square section over the gymnasium is shot and needs replacing but the rest still has some years left however there is some repair / rework that needs doing.

The shingles on the church are only 11 years old and should easily last 20 years or more.                   

Roof Inspection - Klamath Falls, OR (Feb 09, 2021)

A cell tower will be built on this building which is the tallest in Klamath Falls. We were hired by a wireless consulting firm to document the condition of the roof prior to the 6 week tower project. When the tower is complete we will go back to Klamath Falls and re assess the conditioin of the TPO membrane roof.

Willamette Pass on Highway 58 was bad so we went the long way via Medford which was about 2 extra hours of driving. Once you get 20 miles or so east of Medford it becomes a beautiful drive past Crater Lake and through the Lake Of The Woods. Trees and lakes all around.

We had never been here so we stayed an extra day and looked around. For fun we drove to the border then to a small town called Dorris. We spent 15 minutes in California which was enough. Note all the bullet holes in the 'Welcome To California' sign. Funny stuff.

New Roof Monitoring - Tigard, OR  (Jan 2021)  

We were asked to make random unannounced visits to this new roof installation.  We provided the owner with a new roof spec list and names of top shelf roofers - of which there are few. The roof turned out nicely and the owner was quite happy with our services.               

Tile Roof Inspection -  Vancouver, WA  (Jan 14, 2021)

The buyer wanted an independent assessment of this tile roof so we got the call.  This roof was nicely installed and we found no legitimate negatives. We found 8 broken tiles but they were just chipped lower right corners. Not a leak issue due to overlap.    

New Roof Inspection - Seaside, OR (Jan 07, 2021)

We were hired by the roofer to do an independent assessment of this new GAF ‘Woodlands’ roof. There is a dispute with lawyers involved.  There are some issues that need attention but overall it was a good install. The owner had an inspection by a fledgeling roofing consultant - in business just over a year and they found minor things and amplified them so a scratched finger then became a broken arm. Amusing. This 'professional consultant' assumed things that turned out to be incorrect so he had to make . . . . . corrections ( I don't recall ever having to do that ).

Afterward we went for a 3 mile beach walk on a calm windless day with hardly anyone on the beach. Before coming home we stopped at the Buoy seafood market for some steamers, fish, and crab to bring home. Also got 3 quarts of yummy clam chowder at a local restaurant , Norma's. ORC loves beach trips!  


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