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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2021
New Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR  (Feb 25, 2021)

The owner of this new home wanted an independent assessment of this TPO roof so we got the call.

The garage roof has no slope. Code, Clackamas County and the manufacturer all require minimum slope of 1/4" in 12".

The main roof has adequate slope. The TPO was not installed with the common screws and plates but with adhesive. Manufacturers describe this as 'fully adhered'. Unfortunately the TPO isn't fully adhered.  Wrinkles are plentiful and significant. Will it leak or blow off? No. However the installation could have been better.  

Tile Roof Inspection - Canby, OR   (Feb 19, 2021)

A longtime client had us look at this Adams-Powell tile roof in Canby.  The tiles still have decades left - in theory however as is common with tile some maintenance is required. The valleys are closed meaning the tiles are touching at the center line. As always happens these valleys eventually clog at the bottom and water is diverted where you don't want water to go. If these were open valleys meaning a good 3" opening then they would be much easier to keep clean. Another negative here is the valley metal is only 18" wide. Code says minimum of 24". Moss loves tile and this roof also needs a good cleaning. Count on about $10,000 to do all that is needed.            

St Patrick Catholic Church Roof Inspection  - Canby, OR  (Feb 19, 2021)  

We were asked to assess multiple roofs at this church. We examined all roof sections and provided a detailed summary report along with photos. The large 110 square section over the gymnasium is shot and needs replacing but the rest still has some years left however there is some repair / rework that needs doing.

The shingles on the church are only 11 years old and should easily last 20 years or more.                   

Roof Inspection - Klamath Falls, OR (Feb 09, 2021)

A cell tower will be built on this building which is the tallest in Klamath Falls. We were hired by a wireless consulting firm to document the condition of the roof prior to the 6 week tower project. When the tower is complete we will go back to Klamath Falls and re assess the conditioin of the TPO membrane roof.

Willamette Pass on Highway 58 was bad so we went the long way via Medford which was about 2 extra hours of driving. Once you get 20 miles or so east of Medford it becomes a beautiful drive past Crater Lake and through the Lake Of The Woods. Trees and lakes all around.

We had never been here so we stayed an extra day and looked around. For fun we drove to the border then to a small town called Dillon. We spent 15 minutes in California which was enough. Note all the bullet holes in the 'Welcome To California' sign. Funny stuff.

New Roof Monitoring - Tigard, OR  (Jan 2021)  

We were asked to make random unannounced visits to this new roof installation.  We provided the owner with a new roof spec list and names of top shelf roofers - of which there are few. The roof turned out nicely and the owner was quite happy with our services.               

Tile Roof Inspection -  Vancouver, WA  (Jan 14, 2021)

The buyer wanted an independent assessment of this tile roof so we got the call.  This roof was nicely installed and we found no legitimate negatives. We found 8 broken tiles but they were just chipped lower right corners. Not a leak issue due to overlap.    

New Roof Inspection - Seaside, OR (Jan 07, 2021)

We were hired by the roofer to do an independent assessment of this new GAF ‘Woodlands’ roof. There is a dispute with lawyers involved.  There are some issues that need attention but overall it was a good install. The owner had an inspection by a fledgeling roofing consultant - in business just over a year and they found minor things and amplified them so a scratched finger then became a broken arm. Amusing. This 'professional consultant' assumed things that turned out to be incorrect so he had to make . . . . . corrections ( I don't recall ever having to do that ).

Afterward we went for a 3 mile beach walk on a calm windless day with hardly anyone on the beach. Before coming home we stopped at the Buoy seafood market for some steamers, fish, and crab to bring home. Also got 3 quarts of yummy clam chowder at a local restaurant , Norma's. ORC loves beach trips!  


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    Residential and commercial roofing project consulting in Oregon; Portland Metro, Oregon; Bend, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Washington State; and the Pacific Northwest area. Offering professional roof consulting, inspections, project monitoring, and certifications for property owners and homeowners.

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